BysonByson (jpg)Repairs, Alterations.
This is a project we have in hand. The owner was not happy with the fit of the Vivienne Westwood dress and has had it altered to her requirements. When she recovered from her shock & distress she has brought it to us to see what can be done....
Very badly hand sewn...
The zip has been nicked and doesn't actually work
That is a hole in the fabric made whilst unpicking the zip. Then "repaired".
Invisible zips are not easy but...
They can be put in a LOT better than this. Not put in
properly & badly hand sewn.
Why leave a hem THIS deep ?
As well really as we need to get some length back.

No overlocker & a blunt needle.
That's the way to do it.

Its all bunched up. As opposed to gathered.
Where skirt, bodice & zip meet we have a rat's nest. With a hole in it.
There is a palpable lump at the base of the zip.
Should NOT pull like this. Caught badly in two places.
Not only is this a mess but there is a hole in there.
But there was a free pin with it. So that's OK then.
Not nice. I really must try to find out what the designer intended.
To which end we have been in contact with VW's commercial arm to see if they will let us see pictures of the dress before it was altered.

Oh - My - God. The underskirt has been taken off the corsetry. Why oh why oh why? It was made on to it. The next time anyone says "it can't get any worse" I will have them exorcised.

I hope I can get a better picture, especially of the sides of the dress, but there are pictures here:

Progress. The holes (as above & at left) have been repaired as center & right. It is a very fine knit & can't be done all at once without playing havoc on the eyes.
We have the dress pinned to a dummy & the customer has visited to discuss what can be done. Restoring it to the designer's original concept is not possible as we don't have enough material to work with, but the end result should be a nice looking garment once again. The dip in the front will go when the garment is finished. The hem line will be even. Probably.

It has taken a heck of a long time, hours of work and more fittings than we want to think about but....

The dress is finished & has gone home at last :-) !!

And it looks rather good too.



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