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  Prices. If your job is not on this list, call Byson to enquire.
Half pocket 10.30   Jeans     10.30
Full pocket 14.40   Trousers     10.30
Mend seam by crotch (by fly) 10.30   Trousers with turnups     15.20
Mend seam by pocket 10.30   Tailored trousers half taped     12.30
Bar tacks 0.50   Tailored trousers taped     14.40
Mend seam 6.20   Lined trousers     14.40
Take in or let out back 15.40   Normal skirt (with vent add 2.80)     10.30
Patch pockets 7.40   Normal skirt lined     14.40
Patch hole 6.20   Pleated skirt from top     20.50
Darn hole 6.20   Pleated skirt from bottom (child 15.20)     24.60
Mend seam 6.20   Pleated skirt, lined     30.80
Hook 1.00   Normal sleeves depending on finish     10 to 14
Eyes 1.00   Lined sleeves     20.50
Hand made bar 1.00   Tee shirt sleeves     10.30
Buttons 1.00   Tailored (eg Jacket) sleeves at bottom     24.60
Buttons; hand sewn shank 2.10   Tailored (eg Jacket) sleeves from top     51.30
Mend button holes ea 2.10   Tee shirt bottom     10.30
Taper outside leg 10.30   Blouse     12.30
Taper inside leg 10.30   Shirt cuffs (move 2" or less)     12.30
Taper inside leg opening crotch 17.00   Shirt cuffs (move over 2", moving plackets)     15.20
LET DOWN (LENGTHEN)     Turn collar (shirt)     12.30
Trousers 10.30   Bind cuffs (shirt)     10.30
Trousers with tape 14.40   Take in tailored jacket / overcoat     66.60
Trousers half taped 12.30   Full hems are charged by the foot @     2.30
Skirt or dress 14.40   Convert trousers to shorts     15.20
Skirt with tape 20.50   Tailored jacket (bottom)     40.00
Jacket sleeves depending on work required 30 plus          
Hand sew trouser hems 20.50          
Make buttonholes 2.00          
Badges on Gi 15.45   ZIPS      
      Jeans     10.30
Clean & re-wax waxed jacket 30.80   Ordinary trousers     10.30
      Tailored trousers     12.30
      Skirt     10.30
      Dress     14.40
      (eg fleece) long open end     24.60
      (eg jacket) heavy long open end     30.80
      (eg jacket) heavy long open end 2 way.     35.90
      Leg     12.30
      Gun slip zip (5 ft)     61.50
      Tent zip     POR
      Zip slider     7.00
      Bag mending     POR
      Studs on duvet covers     1.20

Prices WEF 5 September 2015

This list is not set in stone but is based on our best estimate. Some complicated jobs may be more, some seemingly complex jobs could be less.

Re-line & take in / let out prices for all garments depending on style & material on request.

Weave mending from £30.00. This may not always be possible. It rather depends on the type of fabric and the amount and site of "spare" available to use.

In certain circumstances we reserve the right to charge for telephone calls @ 1.00.

We can't promise that garments waterproofed with a membrane will be waterproof after repair or alteration, but we will do our best. Which is pretty good.

One way we try to keep prices down is by recycling. For instance, we save all old zip sliders / pullers and we can sometimes repair a zip by simply replacing the damaged or missing parts. This can make a HUGE difference to the cost of returning a garment. For this reason, unless you specifically request it in advance, we reserve the right to keep any material or hardware we remove.

Payment: At this point in time we don't "do" credit cards on our accountant's advice. We accept cheques made out to JP or GJ Warr, cash, postal orders or direct payment to our bank (details on request). We can also take payment by PayPal (again, details on request) BUT PLEASE can you ensure that you tick the box paying charges at your end, especially if you are paying from outside the UK. PayPal charge a fee of about 4% (Calculated by a somewhat arcane formula) which we have to pass on.

Sending stuff to us by post or courier. This works well. We will always try to send stuff back to you using exactly the same rate & carrier that you used to send it to us UNLESS we think you may have drastically under insured, in which case we will use the same carrier but try to get a more realistic insurance value.

Articles returned by post. You will notice that the sum carged for P&P is not quite the same as the actual postage charge. We do have to make a small (and in fact pretty nominal) charge to help offset the cost of taking stuff to the nearest Post Office. Sadly there is not one in the village. On the up-side you don't get many people working for you for about 4 pounds an hour :-)

Please be aware that quotations by e-mail for work we have not seen or evaluated can at best be rough estimates only. Even if you have sent us pictures.

What if I change my mind ? Just now and then a customer has decided that part of a job is unnecessary. If we have unpicked a garment we are all committed as it will cost pretty much the same to put it back as it was as to continue with (for instance) an alteration. So yes, you can sometimes change your mind (assuming that we have not got to a cutting stage), but if we have already prepared the work it won't actually save any money.

Force Majuere Byson cannot accept any liability for all and any circumstances outside of the Company's control. War, famine, pestilence & the vagaries of the postal service. Work not collected after 9 months will be disposed of as we see fit.

There comes a point when an alteration is so extensive that it becomes a re-make. These jobs have to be charged at 20.00 / hr.

REGRETTABLY WE HAVE TO LEVY A SURCHARGE FOR WORK ON FEATHER FILLED ARTICLES. This is due to some of our employees & customers being allergic to feathers necessitating very strict control over cross contamination, resulting in jobs taking longer than similar work on non-allergenic materials.


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